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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

5 Things I remembered but forgot about having a newborn

When I found out I was pregnant with my second, I felt the same flood of emotions that I felt with my first. Scared, excited, anxious, and happy to have a second go at motherhood. I also felt a sense of calm because I already knew what to expect such as, doctor appointments, test, and also that labor can go many ways, but hey!, at least I had given birth once before.

I also started to remember how tough it can be at times and the inevitable challenges that lie ahead. My daughter is now three, so it was still a bit fresh in my mind. The difference, is that I remembered, but forgot how it feels to be in that present moment.

Here are 5 things that I remembered but forgot:

  1. Sleep deprivation: I forgot how it was to feel as though you had been drinking all night and had the worst hangover that could never rival your early twenties. Trying to plug your phone charger into their pacifier (true story!) Taking everything your spouse says to you out of context, "Yes! I would like some freaking butter on my toast!! How dare you?!?"
  2. Feeling sexy: I already felt the sting of how my stomach would look after giving birth, as a friend of mine describes the feeling, "Looks like a deflated balloon!" I forgot how it really felt to feel so fat and unattractive. I want to wear a t-shirt in the grocery store that says, "Yeah well, I just had a baby a few weeks ago! What's your excuse!" Hiding my naked body from my husband better than Osama bin laden hid from the U.S. Which both were eventually found.
  3. House in a mess: It looks like a tornado came through my home, forgot something and came right back through. Sitting here in this spot, just turning my head left to right, I see shoes on the floor alongside a bottle, shoes on the stairs, Easter basket, napkins on the couch, hair brush, diapers, a play mat, and Oh! My sleeping baby. Yes, I know, he's sleeping. Start picking up!! But being that this is my second time around, I'm not only more insane but wiser. It is truly Murphy's law when children are involved. As soon as I reach for the napkins, laying on the couch beside me and walk to the trashcan, Bam!! he's wide awake and crying. If I sit here, getting nothing accomplished, he will sleep for two hours. Sigh...
  4. Showers: Ah! You mean that thing you used to get under and water comes down on you out of that silver thingy? Where you took one every day just after a night of uninterrupted sleep, so you could get yourself sexy, right before you get started on your housework? Right.... They still make those?
  5. Soak it all in: What I forgot with my first and remembered with my second. All too soon these days will be a distant memory. Gaze longer at the wonderful blessing you received from our heavenly Father. Take in all the baby's firsts. The first and every time he coos, those gummy smiles he flashes at just the sound of my voice. The way his head snuggles in between my shoulder and neck, like the perfect missing puzzle piece. The way he looks with wonder at the beauty this world has to offer, eyes full of curiosity at the things that you and I have seen millions of times, taking for granted the magnificent view that the Lord has created for us.