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Saturday, July 27, 2013

I'm taking a different path

I started this blog mainly for an outlet. My plan was to write about children and family stuff; being a mom. But lately the only time I have a desire to write is when it has to do with the Christian life. So going forward, the tone of this blog will change. My goal is to reach out and encourage others, using an environment centered around faith.

Believe me, I am just as shocked! I do not consider myself a leader and most certainly not a know it all. It is just something that has been impressed upon my heart. With that said, let me introduce my new objective for this blog.

I want to expose the Christian life. Hoping to give unbelievers a different perspective of what it is, and what it means to follow Christ. Also, to foster and help revive the hearts of those who are already followers, but need to be uplifted; rejuvenated.

I have learned many things in my short life, most were learned from mistakes I have made. So I will only speak from experience. Honest and true. One element that I love about the journey of my being, is that we never should cease the acquisition of knowledge. Only a fool believes that are too old, or have lived through too much to acquire any more. The need for knowledge will never dissipate.

So in conclusion, I hope this will reach and encourage you. Giving you someone, and some material to relate to. The agenda here is to inspire and to be inspired.  

By: Melissa Reyes