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Monday, April 22, 2013

A day in my toddler's shoes

" I want to go outside!" shouted my three year old. It was a beautiful spring day and my husband volunteered to watch the baby. So I thought to myself, I could use the fresh air, sit down, relax, and surf the internet while she played "OK, let's go!"

We went through the laundry room and headed for the backdoor. On the way, she saw one of her favorite stuffed animals Clifford, and a ''magic wand.'' She grabbed them up and off we went. Once outside, I quickly tried to set up post with my computer and phone. But she kept coming over, wanting her shoes off, her shoes on, back and forth. Then I realized, that she just wanted my attention and for me to play with her. Something I haven't done much of since the baby had been born two months before.

She approached me again, I closed my laptop and looked at her. ''mommy, will you take me to the forest?" Mind you, we leave in a townhome and far from any forest. But I stood up, brushed off my behind and said, "Sure, come on!"

Riding her trusty steed Clifford, we came upon a gate that led to the forest. Using her magical wand, we unlocked the gate and off we went.

What a beautiful place, this forest. The trees were so tall, almost blocking out the sun! We picked up boulders as big as rocks and watched eagles soar as if they were just regular birds. We battled creatures that  resembled bugs and saw a lion that looked like a dog, he saw us also, but the princess assured me he was just there to potty.

It wasn't long before she spoke of her prince charming, "I want to go see daddy." I smiled, and we headed back to the castle hand in hand.

I needed to be reminded that a child views this world much differently than we do. I needed to remember that, what's just a walk around the neighborhood to me, is an adventure for her. The innocence of a child's mind. I didn't even get mad later that evening when she dumped a pack of crackers over the balcony into the yard and told me it was for the doggies. I am thankful for this day, I am thankful I decided to take a walk in my toddler's shoes.