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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Family Update

Thought I would give an update on how the family is doing. 

Paloma is getting bigger by the minute. She really is growing into herself and wants to be more independent each day. I dude it myself!! are the words we hear more often than not these days. She is having a time adjusting still to the change of having a baby around, but it is a season that will soon pass, or so I keep telling myself. 

Raphael is also getting bigger by the minute. He smiles when spoken to and lets out the occasional squeal or coo. He is sleeping better at night, only waking twice and goes out for the night around 10:00 or so. He only cat naps during the day and wakes when you sit him down. He loves his daddy and they love napping together.

Christian is doing great. He was baptized on Easter Sunday and has became an official member of the Church. He has been working a lot lately, which means business is going good. He is also still adjusting to having a baby around, but he is doing a wonderful job at it! I am thankful and proud of the way he has helped me with the baby, giving me a break when it's most needed.

As for myself, I am doing fine. Could use some more sleep, but that will come sooner than later. I am happy to have my healthy, loving family. Each day we are growing and learning together. Although life can bring obstacles, at the end of the day I am a blessed woman and ready for anything.