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Friday, April 26, 2013

I am a Real Housewife of Atlanta

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are familiar with the reality t.v. show "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

Although dangerous, I've been doing some thinking. Why is it called the "Real Housewives?" None of the woman are actual housewives.

Being that I am a housewife, that lives in Atlanta, I decided to list ten differences between myself and the woman who are cast on the show, just for fun.

  1. Instead of carrying the latest Chanel bag, I'm all over here like, ''Check out this purse I found at  Goodwill and it's never been used!!''
  2. Rather than having lunch at a swanky restaurant with my girlfriends, mine consist of a pack of peanut butter crackers, while on the phone with my sister.
  3. The only kandi I know, is the kind I tell my toddler she can't have for breakfast.
  4. The "Gone with the Wind Fabulous" twirls I see, are that of the agitator inside my washing machine. This I'm thankful for!
  5. I do not drive a 70,000.00 car, but I've got seat warmers... Woot!
  6. My hairstylist, are a bunch of Youtube videos.
  7. While they, upon greeting, are kissing each others cheeks, I'm wiping buttcheeks.
  8. They are pictured holding fresh peaches, and I pour mine out of the can.
  9. They argue about a '' Donkey Booty'' video, while I'm trying to keep my three year old's hand out of hers!!
  10. Instead of worrying about being tardy for the party, I just hope my child isn't tardy for the potty.